Double Headboards Dubai, Abu Dhabi

Treating your double divan to a beautifully upholstered headboard couldn’t be easier. Firstly, you need to select a design that will fit with your décor and the finishing touches you would like. From geometric padding and Swarovski crystals instead of fabric buttons, we have a huge number of different combinations that you can make unique to your own style.

The Double Headboard Dubai allows you to customize the finishing piping and buttons! If the headboard design you like isn’t floor standing, it will have plywood struts and you will have the option to add a pillow top or wall mounting kit.

If you like to have the freedom of moving your bed the headboard is best attached to your divan with struts or a pillow top. However, if you choose a wall mounting kit, the headboard can be slightly bigger than the divan and bed as a whole.

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