Moroccan Majlis Dubai, Abu Dhabi

Dubai Sofa Upholstery provides you with creative and up to the mark Moroccan Majlis designs. It was introduced for centuries and today, people want their villas to have one such Majlis for a different look. At Dubai Sofa Upholstery we provide you with both men and women Majlis. This style is showcased more by playing with bright and luxurious colors, rugs (customized, Persian, etc.), showpieces, furniture style, and much more.

Our Interior design services are known to be the best in the United Arab Emirates and we have extended them worldwide We decide on the pleasant of the product than the quantity we produce. We only promote first-class merchandise so one can advantage the consider of the customers. Our state-of-the-art series is available at inexpensive prices and you can order any doormat in keeping with your want and requirement.

We additionally deal in rugs, carpets, blankets, bath floorings, runners and plenty more. When you visit you’ll come again. We make excessive first-rate of fiber which gives a solid look to our produced merchandise as to offer the ability of one hundred% safety to the product and its exceptional is determined through the customers with whom we’ve built our members of the family before.

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