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We all sit on, or own chair in our house, and seems to refuse to be like the others. But sometimes, due to wobbles or improper care, chairs may cause damaged or stabled from some places.

 So in such a case rather than buying a new chair for your home, you should consider repairing your chair. It includes dining, office, canteen, home, reception and meeting chairs as many more.

So the chair repairing Dubai service we offer ranges from replacing the missing bolts of your chair to servicing the gas spindle to a complete replacement of the undercarriage of your chair or the mending of broken wood legs and joints.

One person can complete all our services for mending your chair. Using the tool supplied to assess the condition of your chair at the time of repair is the most cost-effective way to begin your mending work. So if you are interested in the best chair repairing service in Dubai, you’re in the right place.

A chair repairing service such as this will make a severe impact on the quality of your chair but also your comfort in your chairs. This service will be critical and will cost a lot of money, but we are fully insured, and you can be assured that our flooring has been thoroughly tested in the workshop.

Cleaning and Repairing Chairs

Replacement Chair Parts – Chair Repairs

  • Mechanisms
  • Gas cylinder (adjusts the height of the chair)
  • Chair arms/arm pads
  • Wheels
  • Chair base
  • Fabric Replacement
  • Leather chair upholstery
  • Chair backs
  • Foamed
  • Chair Levers

We can also store, clean, and fix your seats, as well as re-cover the seats. To minimize disruption, our chair cleaning service can be done at your workplace and out of office hours.

Whether your chairs suffer from mechanical failure or just need a proper clean-up, our chair repairing Dubai service can provide you with a professional, cost-effective, and environmentally sound solution to extend your office seating lifespan.

We come in a variety of designs and specifications. From regular chairs to different types of chairs, fixing damaged or missing pieces of chairs will have the chairs working correctly, so you can reuse them!

If your chairs have bent arms, missing wheels, or maybe the seat height, no longer adjusts – call today for a quote for the repair of your chair!

How can you save your money with chair repairing?

By getting our chair repairing service, you can save your money as this is the perfect way to renew your sofas or soft seats – choose from new fabric or leather and, if the seating requires it, it can also be re-foamed.

It’s perfect for conference seats, office chairs, auditorium and benches seating, and sofas and comfortable seating.

Where maintenance on-site is required, a prompt collection and distribution service (even weekend service if needed) will be given. We do have loan chairs available to ensure that your service is minimally interrupted as we are restoring or reupholstering your chairs should they need to be removed from the site.

This is the significant investment you do for your home décor. We store the replacement parts required to fix most seats, enabling us to perform the necessary repairs to your seat quickly and efficiently.

Why did you choose us?

Using Dubai sofa upholstery, extensive experience, and knowledge of re-upholstery chair & contract seating, we can reupholster and fix the most chair and commercial seat shapes and styles/designs. Nearly any kind of chair or seat can be restored in the textile of your choosing. It comprises reception desks, fixed sitting areas, hall of lecture seats, public seats (pubs/clubs/ waiting rooms, etc.), and chairs of break-out.

We love to offer you high-quality fabric for your chair seating as the best repairing service provider. 

We offer a wide range of fabrics, and we can sell custom-designed fabrics.

Our facilities also provide acoustic panel re-upholstery & notice boards. We also carry a range of corporate seating with a variety of colorways for use in your facilities. For more information or advice about chair repairing, you can call us or email us.

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